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Photo Double Ionization of fixed in space D2:

In a first experiment we have detected both D+ ions in coincidence with one of the two electrons. The kinetic energy release of the molecular fragment could be well described by an adapted reflection approximation.

Energy and momentum of electrons and ions for double ionization of D2 27eV above threshold. Upper left: electron energy distribution, Lower right: Ion energy distribution, upper right: correlation between the energy of one electron and one ion. lower left: momentum distribution of D+ ions, the polarization is horizontal.

Angular distribution of one electron for double ionization of He and D2 at the same excess and electron energy. left: Helium, middle and right D2 the direction of the molecular axis is indicated.
More detail can be found here (ALS activity report) and in Phys. Rev. Lett. 81(1998)5776 (Dörner et al.).