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Seminar "Atom- und Molekülphysik"
winter term 2021/2022
Friday 14:00 s.t.
online via zoom
Ask Till Jahnke (jahnkeemail) for access.
date speaker topic
22.10.2021Stefanie MrozinskiMathematische Modellierung der Strahlungsdosisakkumulation von Lymphozyten bei der Tumorbestrahlung
05.11.2021Markus Schöffler, Lothar SchmidtStrahlenschutz- u. Arbeitssicherheitsunterweisung
19.11.2021Till JahnkeNuts & Bolts: So, what happened recently at the Eu-XFEL?
26.11.2021Markus SchöfflerOn the quest for projectile (de)coherence effects, studied in C6+/He collisions
03.12.2021Till JahnkeNuts & Bolts: So, what happened recently at the Eu-XFEL?
10.12.2021Tom KirchnerInteratomic Coulombic decay in (slow) ion-impact collisions: an analysis based on independent-atom-independent-electron coupled-channel calculations
14.01.2022Lothar SchmidtEverything You Always Wanted to Know About Delayline Detectors - But Were Afraid to Ask
11.02.2022Janina Schrödertba
18.02.2022Laura SommerladPCI effects in Argon below the 2p shell
Please contact Till Jahnke (jahnkeemail) for a slot.