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Photoionization of Atoms

We have used COLTRIMS to study single and double ionization of Helium by photoabsorbtion and Compton scattering.
The experiment include :

We have performed a precision measurement of the ratio of double to single ionization (He2+/He1+) by photon absorbtion and determined the high energy shake off limit of this ratio by photoabsorption.(more...)

The determination of the He2+/He1+ ratio for Compton scattering between 10keV and 100keV photon energy. (more...)

Ion and electron and Jakobi momentum distributions and for double ionization close to threshold. Absolute fivefold differential cross section for double ionization by linear polarized light. (more...)

Fully differential cross section for circular polarized light and the circular dichroism at a photon energy of 100 eV. (more...)

The demonstration of shake off and TS1 in the electron angular distribution and single double and fully differential cross section for double photo ionization at 550eV photon energy. (more...)

(hv,e2) free-free mechanism:
Experimental proof of an additional third double ionization mechanism (more...)