Cold Target Recoil Ion Momentum Spectroscopy
A Cloud Chamber for Atomic and Molecular Physics

download the Frankfurt Coltrims movie in high res avi (1024*768) © R.Doerner (2000)

Comprehensive Review Articles describing COLTRIMS and its applications:

J. Ullrich et al. Rep. Prog. Phys. 66 (2003) 1463-1545 (3169kB)
R. Dörner et al. Physics Reports 330 (2000) (pp 95-192) Preprint (2960kB)

Einen deutschsprachigen Überblick finden sie hier:
H. Schmidt-Böcking, Physik Journal 9, (2010) 39 (1060kB)

How COLTRIMS works:

Coltrims is an imaging technique to measure the complete fragmentation of a few body system. All charged fragments from an atomic, molecular or surface reaction are projected by a combination of electric and magnetic fields onto large area position sensitive detectors. From the measured time-of-flight of the particles and their position of impact on the detector the three dimensional momentum vector is obtained. Cooling of the the target atoms before the fragmentation by super sonic expansion or by laser cooling allows a momentum resolution for the ion momenta of 0.05 a.u. (atomic units). Multi hit capable position channel plate detectors with delayline readout are used for detection of several electron or ions per detector.

COLTRIMS - how does it work?